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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Growth Thru Art - Now What?

I stopped by the Growth Thru Art Center last week to pick up the fabric squares I painted with two groups back in January. They had to be left to dry, then the artists needed to see them. After that, I went out of town, so I wasn't able to retrieve them until last week.

I have about 20 18" squares - each one different. I had the idea of just creating a nice bed sized quilt, but the directors have asked me to try to come up with smaller more affordable items for the annual fund raising auction that is held in November. They are thinking pillows and small wall hangings. . . .

So, I have them on the design wall, while I contemplate what to do.


Anonymous said...

the squares are lovely. very spring! why dont you do a rafffle quilt for your favorite charity and open it to your blog followers too?

Cathie said...

Oh wow - these are really, really pretty. I think a bedquilt made with this would be stunning - maybe with each square framed in white. Pillows - nice idea too.
Abroslutely Gorgeous - very "Monet!"

Judy Alexander said...

Love the impressionist look of these. You should be able to make some cool stuff.

Unknown said...

This is the link to spool sewing bird pattern. It is easy to make and might be worth asking if they will let you use for a fundraiser.

The artists who painted the fabric could help stuff them and make them into very cute and affordable christmas ornaments.

this is the link to the mobile

(only with permission since it is a copyright pattern)

cj said...

How about a WAV challenge?
The squares could be quilted and embellished and mounted like the SAQA pieces above and they would look stunning!