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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Backyard Waterfall

Last fall, we got rid of our hot tub. We were no longer using it, and had grown tired of maintaining it so Joe sold it to a neighbor. That left a gaping scar on the back yard landscape.
I thought about this space for quite a while and considered planting an apple tree or creating a rose garden.
Then, one day I woke up with a decision - a waterfall. I went to work on it right away. I dug a small pond, and stacked concrete blocks as a foundation.
Joe and I scoured the hillside for stones, and I stacked them up, using a garden hose to make certain I got them stacked right for good water flow.

We built a bench along the front edge to hide the concrete hot tub foundation - it creates a natural place to sit and watch the fish and birds. My new favorite spot for my morning cup of tea!

A quick trip to Lowes was all I needed for supplies. It was finished in less than 24 hours!

I've picked up water hyacinths and goldfish for the pond. I planted iris, shrub roses, chokecherries, and black eyed Susan's between the rocks.

Joe rewired the hot tub electrical supply - converting it from 220 to 110.

This has been a lot of fun - the wildlife it attracts is just astonishing! Such a lively place - lots of birds, chipmunks, etc. stop by for drinks and a bath! What a great extension of our home!


Beena said...

Certainly much more enjoyable than an unused hot tub!

tiedyejudy said...

How beautiful! I love it! Wish I could figure out a place I could do the same...