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Thursday, June 25, 2009


I have been building up my iris garden, adding to it every year with new rhizomes.
The iris is one of my favorite flowers, and they do well here. Thriving on minimal water.
Furthermore, the deer do not love them (although I have had my blossoms eaten in the past! But not this year!)

June is such a busy time that I rarely get my iris photographed before the blossoms begin to fade. This year I was a little more proactive. I LOVE the one above - those dark purple petals look like velvet! Gorgeous!

This one is also a favorite - and I've not had it blooming before so I am really enjoying it.

I've added so many different iris to this backyard terrace that it is now a total delight for the month of June!

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Diana Parkes said...

Your iris plants are lovely. It is mid-winter here in New Zealand and everything is wet and miserable. I hope my few iris plants perform as well as yours in our summer.