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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Livingston Cultural Art Center - Delivery Roadtrip

I was honored to be invited to participate in an upcoming textile art show at the Livingston Center for Art and Culture. This non-profit group has been in existence for about 10 years, with a gallery presence at 119 South Main in Livingston, Montana. The textile show, called "In Stitches" will hang for the month of November.
You can read more about the other featured artists here.

The curator had requested delivery of the artwork today, so I drove 2 hours each way to personally deliver my 5 pieces.
I made the trip alone. I've not had a lot of alone time in recent days, and I hoped to be able to use the time for creative thinking. Instead, I found myself experiencing a rather eerie deja vous melancholy. I lived in the Livingston area for 10 years from 1979 - 1989. Not the happiest years of my life. Those were the early years of my adulthood. An unhappy marriage. All kinds of stress, isolation, destruction by fire (the school where I was teaching as well as the big fires in Yellowstone Park - essentially our backyard), life threatening complications with the birth of my first child, etc. . . . Anyway . . . . .

Livingston is known for having extreme wind and the wind was unbelievable today! I found my car being buffeted by the winds all the way there and back.

I've not been in downtown Livingston for many years. It has not changed much from the time I lived in the area. Many of the same businesses are there. The wind still blows. It is a beautiful area, and I once passionately loved the Paradise Valley. I tend to remember the area fondly for its wonderful scenery. Today, I realized how glad I am that I no longer live there!

I stopped along the Yellowstone River on my way out of town to snap these pictures.

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