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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Organ Pipe National Park

My mother's 80th birthday celebration began when her six daughters met in the Phoenix - Mesa area. We are far flung around the country, so we all flew in on different flights.
The drive from Phoenix to Puerto Penasco took us through the Organ Pipe National Park.

We stopped at the park to eat our lunch.

It was very hot, but we wandered down the path, anyway.

The little spring in the middle of the desert was interesting - complete with tadpoles and lots of algae.

It was interesting to get a good look at the cactus up close and personal.
From left to right: Kathy, Jackie, Mom, Karen, Becky, Shirley and myself (Cindy)


verobirdie said...

Amazing place. I'd love to visit it.
And ladies, you are gorgeous.

Dahn said...

What great pictures you took on your trip. What a special picture of you, your sisters and mom. :-)