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Sunday, February 7, 2010


I've been monoprinting again.

Last summer, I met a man who's mother invented finger painting. Well, I looked her up online and she is indeed described as the mother of finger painting. She was using it therapeutically for adults. Anyway, I did quite a number of finger painted pieces using a gelatin plate - that was last summer. I have a large stack of those . . .and I know I need to take them further at some point.

Thinking about the process . . .I thought I would try it with a glass plate - and here are some of my results. It worked OK too. I was able to get a single good print with the glass. When I finger painted using the gelatin plate last summer - I was able to get several prints - the gelatin keeps the paint moist longer.
Anyway, I am thinking about different was to approach the finger painting on fabric thing.
I painted these using Setacolor fabric paints.
I would like to be able to find some actual finger paints so I can try a few of my other ideas.

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Louise in SW Saskatchewan said...

Crayola makes a set of finger paints and a tablet of paper for using them - they work well. I used to use them with the children I was nannying. We had lots of fun mixing colour and then making pics!

After you are done playing with them, you can keep them on hand for the grandchildren to play with.