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Thursday, May 12, 2011

En Toto Petroglyphs - Pryor Mountains

Thanks for bearing with me while I post one last group of Petroglyphs from Petroglyph Canyon in the Pryor Mountains. This panel is quite well known. It is printed on the cover of a BLM Publication.
En Toto pecked petroglyphs are found in only about two dozen sites, mainly in Montana and Wyoming. These were probably created between 1000 AD and 1000 BC.

This panel is located right across the canyon from the one I showed above. This looks like it might have been some sort of shelter to me (below). There are six human figures on the exterior wall. One of the interesting things about this group is two of the figures are female (most petroglyphs are male - in case you haven't noticed the exaggerated phalluses! ) Petroglyphs frequently have exaggerated genitalia and the females here have vaginas deeply pecked.

The figures are not as easy to see, since they are not pecked into rock having desert varnish (dark covering) that makes most of the glyphs so obvious.

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