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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Thermofax Screen Printing on Marbled Fabric

Several years ago, I did a session of fabric marbling in my studio. I had mixed results. I ended up with a lot of white lines where the fabric folded as I was laying it onto the vat. Sorting through my collection, I was looking for a way to use the fabric in some Mail Art postcards.

I had this Thermofax screen of a Monarch butterfly that I wanted to use, so I got busy..

As you can see, I tape the edges of my Thermofax screens with duct tape. This keeps them from rolling up, but they also remain flexible.

I am happy with this first one! Now to do more!


Sally Westcott said...

They look great Cynthia! I love the butterfly!



tiedyejudy said...

Beautiful! I keep meaning to come up with some designs to have thermofax screens made up... maybe this summer!