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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Pacific West Quilt Show

My piece, Cottonwood Calendar is currently showing at the Pacific West Quilt Show at the Greater Tacoma Convention Center in Washington through August 28th.
I won a 3rd place ribbon for this piece! Yay! It comes with a nice cash award!


Trillian said...

Congratulation! It is wonderful.

Jan said...

I love this piece. So tactile and earthy. I like the tree/shrub effect on the border to seemingly give ithe entire piece a forest feel. Congratulations!

The Idaho Beauty said...

I was lucky enough to view the show and I was totally taken in by this quilt, then was pleased to discover I "knew" the artist. I was particularly interested by the variety of little things you found to attach to the squares, and then how you indeed got them on. Proof positive an item doesn't have to have a hole in it to embellish a quilt.

I also enjoyed getting a good look at one of your quilts using your resist technique. The show overall was terrific, and your quilts certainly deserved their awards.