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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Glueing a Quilt to Stretcher Bars! Yikes!

A while ago, I shared the final machine quilting for a Beet printed piece that is for a WAV group challenge. Part of the challenge is to create a piece that is mounted somehow to a 24 x 36" stretcher bar. For mine, I picked up a canvas at Michaels and painted the edges multiple times to get just the right shade of brown. Because my quilted piece comes almost (but not quite) to the edge, I decided I could not really stitch it it place (my preferred method because then it can be removed for a quilt show if need be).

I have glued quilts to stretched canvases before, but never have I done one this large. Kind of tricky. I wanted to be sure I got the glue all the way to the edges, but not too far because the glue is kind of shiny, while the canvas is painted with a matte finish. Any glue that got beyond the quilt would show, even though it dries clear.

The glue I now use for everything is "The Ultimate". I find it holds virtually everything together and it is a polymer glue - so no toxic fumes. This is the same glue I used to attach the beach pebbles to the front of this piece.

For this particular application, I did dilute it very slightly with water because the glue is super thick. Then I applied it to both the back of the quilt and the canvas using a sponge brush. I started with the quilt resting in position on the canvas and folded it back to apply the glue to each half separately. I waited a few minutes until the glue was just barely starting to develop a clear skin on the edges.
Then, I carefully folded it back into place and pressed it carefully into position. It needs to dry at least 24 hours.

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