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Monday, October 31, 2011

Mail Art Project - Week Fifty Eight

"Pretty Face"

Hand dyed cotton, overpainted with acrylic. The screen printed face is something I found on free clipart, but I modified it (redrew it without the hair).

The text printed to the right is a screen print I made from an old ledger book my maternal grandmother (Grandma Marie) used to have. I cherish this ledger book because it has a lot of my grandma's writing in it. She was a schoolteacher before she married and she took the minutes of at the school board meetings. The screen print I used for this piece is a page of minutes from a school board meeting. In the back of the book, Grandma had written some recipes. I just love this book for the eclectic mix of my grandmother's life that it contains! I am sure that in hard times - paper was hard to come by and that is why she used the back of the book for writing her recipes.

Today's Quote:
"Women are like tea bags. We don't know
our true strength until we are in hot water."
-Eleanor Roosevelt-

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tiedyejudy said...

Beautiful! And I love the information about your Grandmother's ledger! I have several diaries my grandmother kept while she was at school learning to be a teacher, then when she went on to take a teaching position. They were a hardy lot, our grandmothers!