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Friday, June 1, 2012

My Creative Process for Sunset II

began as a piece of hand painted fabric that I have always thought was a really great sunset piece (even though it has some darker areas - which I thought was not a big deal - the real sky has areas like that)
The required size for "Rituals" was 24 x 60", so I had to add some hand dyed fabric to the bottom. I was not sure this was really going to work out, but I wanted to try because watching the sunset everyday is a real personal ritual for me, and I wanted my entry to be authentic.

I block printed the sky first (gold Lumiere), then when that was dry, I printed the mountains (blue Lumiere and blue Setacolor).
 After that, it was pretty much a matter of doing the quilting, trimming it, 
and adding the sleeve and binding.
 I carefully cut the binding to mimic the lines of the mountain printing.  This is my fused binding again.

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