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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Quilting Arts Workshop - Art Quilt Design with Hand Carved Printing Blocks

 I am delighted to announce the release of my Quilting Arts Workshop Instructional Video.
It is now available as a download from Interweave.  It may be downloaded either in HD or standard video.  Follow the link below to see an excerpt from it!  Be sure to watch the preview!

A hard copy (DVD) version can be obtained next month.


Rebecca said...

Watched the DVD this morning. It is great - well organised and presented - busy carving tonight!!

Jeannie said...

Congratulations on the dvd! I look forward to purchasing a hard copy of it next month. The preview is a great teaser.

Margarita Korioth said...

Congratulations on the DVD. Love your work!

Marybeth said...

I can tell from the preview that this is going to be a great teaching tool!!

Dahn said...

Congratulation Cynthia! I just purchased the DVD and will be very interested in watching your workshop. It will be nice to see you and hear you (in a non stalker way).. :-)

Dahn said...

I just watched the entire DVD in one fell swoop and LOVED it. Really--I thought you had shared the 'how to's' extremely well on your blog, but to see you demo the technique has made it crystal clear. I have always wondered how you got the paint to look as it does, and now I know. And hand cream?! I slapped my head. Why did I never think of that before??

I really, really enjoyed your DVD. If I hadn't, I would not say anything. Very well done Cynthia. :-)

PS-- NOTHING irks me more than videos that take 10 minutes to painstakingly tell one what materials to use. With your video, I had to smile at how quickly you went through the supply list. Thank-you for not wasting time with that.
Can you tell I loved your video?

Cynthia St Charles said...

Thanks so much for the feedback! I really appreciate your impressions - very gratifying!