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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Back in the Swing

 As I mentioned a week ago, chilly weather has arrived and our travels are done for a while.  It has been a difficult adjustment being back in the studio on a daily basis.  Back to work.  I thought I would ease into it by quilting this piece that I put together last April.  It has been layered and pinned and waiting for me to get around to it.  This is a good warm up - but how to quilt something this complex?
 Lines and grids seem like the best choice.  It is rare for me to use such simple quilting, but I think it works for this piece.

I used probably 6 different threads - maybe not necessary, but it kept me interested.  All the threads I used on this piece are variegated.  I will bind it later when I have several that need binding.

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