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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Working with Gray

I am interested in continuing the Winter Walk series - but would like to shift from winter grass colors to an evening, dusky color.  That was the reason for the small piece I finished up on my December 23rd post - a trial for the idea I have in my head.  This is another trial before I begin working in a large size.  I did not have much in the way of gray fabric in the studio so I spent several days hand painting several yards of cotton sateen and raw silk with fabric paints.  I was able to tint each batch with another color, so some are sort of pinky, some more purple and another batch was tinted with blue.  I painted sort of an ombre so I would have lighter to darker shades of the same colors.  Above - I have fused some patches on a small piece of batting for my collage background.  Below - screen printing - this is all text I have written - my feelings about winter!
I created screens in various sizes using the same handwriting.

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