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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Driveway Views

 Since we have gotten started on landscaping, well - one thing just leads to another.....I have always hated how our driveway splits and the one to the back of the house drops about 6 feet before coming back up.  This creates a rather slippy hill to climb in the winter.  There has always been either a pond or ice skating rink at the bottom of the dip.  This has always bothered me, and I really wanted this resolved before I went further with my terraces on the front.
This is the view of the driveway from the north side veranda.  The parking area is narrow and cramped.   This area was formerly landscaped with river rocks - another landscape material that really does not fit with this location.  I put a notice on Craigslist that the rocks were free for the hauling and people came and hauled them away.  They were all gone within a week.  I hope to rebuild the retaining wall with the same landscape brick I used in the back.  I will finish building the front with the same granite that I used to build the iris terraces.  But first, we need an excavator to come do some work here.

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Marybeth said...

My gosh, when you get done you will never want to leave your oasis for things like classes and meetings. You will have more beauty and peace all around you than you would fine anywhere else....well maybe the gardens you visited would be worth leaving for.