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Monday, June 10, 2013

New Pump for the Waterfall!

I have been waiting patiently for my new waterfall pump to arrive.  I bought it online from Watergarden.com and chose free shipping, which meant it had to come by UPS Ground.....SLOW.  Oh well!  It is here now.  I plugged it in and put the hose at the top of the waterfall - I wanted to test it to make sure it would move enough water before actually installing it.  This is how it looks!  Horray!  So exciting!  It's perfect! 
The pump I chose is a Pondmaster Magnetic Drive 9.5 that moves 950 gallons of water per hour.  My old pump was also a Pondmaster Magnetic Drive pump and it was still going strong after 3 years (I had burned through 3 different pumps from Lowes prior to purchasing the Pondmaster pump online.)

Well.....this pump has proven problematic.   When I unplug it (to stop it) - it will not restart unless I pull it out of the water and disassemble it and put it back together.  Then it will run.....So they are sending me a new one.  I have to send this one back so will be without a pump for 4 days....Sigh....


Bee said...

Its lovely!! I hope the new pump arrives quickly and will work perfectly.

Linda Mac said...

This is beautiful.