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Friday, September 13, 2013

Late Summer Storm

 The pond is a giant mud puddle.  I have no idea if the fish survived the storm or if they were washed away in the deluge.  I've been running the pump and waterfall since the electricity was restored and the water is not clearing up at all.  The super fine silt that washed down the hillside is practically dissolved in the water!  I guess I am going to have to drain all this water out of the pond and start again with fresh water!   A project for another day.

This wrought iron bench was pushed across the patio and tipped over by the powerful winds from our Saturday (Sept. 7th) storm.  This is a very heavy piece.  One person could not tip it back up - Joe and I had to do it together.

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Lisa Quintana said...

Cynthia, when this has happened to me, I have found that running a second pump through a finer filter works wonders. Take a pillowcase and fill it with polyester batting and make it so that the water from your waterfalls passes through this as well if you don't have a second pump. The finer filter material traps the particulates. You can take it and rinse it out periodically. I would hesitate to drain and start again as it would be too much trauma on your fish, especially if they have congested gills and you do have winter coming on your heels which would make it even harder on your fish. I've had ponds for 15 years. Hope this helps.