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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Block Printed Layer on Postcards

 These three postcards were printed at the same time.  I usually just keep printing until I run out of paint.  I have found keeping a stack of "works in progress" and scrap paper (such as the inside wrappers from my chocolate bars) is a good practice - because then I have some "go to" papers for using up any paint I have leftover from another project.   Even so, sometimes I find myself scrambling for something to print on and I will overprint most anything.  This is how I come up with interesting papers to tear and add to my mixed media postcards.  Once these three postcards are dry, I will set them aside and at some point - I will return to them to add some doodles, maybe some screen printing or rubbing or scribbles, lines or dots.    These will go into my "works in progress" pile and I will keep adding to them until I feel they are finished.

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