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Monday, May 19, 2014

Returning to the Primary (Colored) City Collage

 I started this piece about 6 months ago by printing a lot of fabrics and adding fusible web to them for a collage construction.  The fabric strips have been shoved into a pile in my studio for all those months just waiting for me to return to the process.  My previous attempts did not come together well, but I had a sudden inspiration to try working with a foundation of black fabric.  (I think I was working on a foundation of batting, previously).  This created the visual negative space that allowed me to proceed.  I reasoned that if I had some empty black space - that was fine.  I would not have to add anything or feel obligated to fill up the entire surface.  So, I began by placing seven strips cut from a failed quilt.  These are already layered and quilted, creating a bit more dimension, but I am going to go with it.

Next, I pulled out my bag of leftover binding strips.  These already have fusible web attached to them and I can just sort through and pull out what I want.

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