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Saturday, May 24, 2014

More Red on the Primary City

At this point, I have added a few more small pieces cut from some red block prints, which give it a bit more sparkle.  I think I am about finished with the composition phase on this one.  Walking through the room in the dark - I noticed how the yellow areas really stand out and I wonder if I need to add a few small yellow highlights between the larger yellow areas........Or maybe those yellow areas are just too evenly spaced across the front....maybe it needs to be cropped on one side (but I hate to lose all that great cityscape and graffiti!

I am now contemplating the quilting.....maybe I will zig zag all the raw edges (which will be a lot of it!) and then add a grid where it needs more.    Not sure, about that.  I will procrastinate a bit, because I will have to switch out my sewing machines to set up for zig zagging, (the Juki, which is my main machine does only straight stitch, so I will have to switch to the Janome) in the built-in table and I hate doing that, so I will put it off while I think about it.   Both machines are the same size, or almost - so they both fit tightly into the depression in my quilting table.

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Jeannie Sredl said...

I find it so refreshing that even an absolute professions sic as yourself procrastinates and has to switch machines. This work has an exciting finish!