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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Blue Strips and Random Piecing Continues

 Well, here is what I have so far.....several randomly sized portions - that somehow need to come together into a whole.  I have not yet figured out dimensions.....not used to making crib quilts - so not sure what size I need to be going for.  I still have more strips, so will keep sewing....

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The Idaho Beauty said...

I just finished a baby quilt, designing as I went somewhat like you are and found I had the same problem of not knowing how big I should make it. Had to pull a general reference book off the shelf and look up mattress sizes to get a grip on it. Here's an on-line chart:

I was short on fabric so mine ended up about 28" x 44". I'm about to make another one per recipient's pattern idea and instructions and she wanted something around 48 x 65 so it would still be usable as the baby grew. But really, just about anything will work unless it is meant for a specific bed.