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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Sewing Scraps Together

 My process with random scraps is to just begin sewing pieces together.  When one piece runs out, I just put another one on and in this way, will end up with a lot of different fabric pairs in a wide range of sizes.   I iron these strip sets open and then proceed to sew pairs together, often turning to sew a strip set across the end or another, but I change it up as often as possible so I end up with a lot of different configurations.  Below - I have a lot of  rectangular shaped parts spread out on the ironing table.  These, will now be matched up for size and when I find two that fit together somehow, I will stitch again.
The best thing about this process - why I like working this way is I never know what I will end up with - the element of surprise is very motivating!

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