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Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Random Blue Pieced Twelve Inch Squares

OK, so here is what I have now - twelve 12" squares.  I am sort of on the fence about where to go with this project.  Sewn together - I will have a finished quilt about 36 x 48".  Is that a proper size for a baby quilt?  It looks like it to me, but I think a crib quilt would be larger.  Do I want a sashing?  Should I cut the 12" squares into quarters - so I would have 48 6" squares - then add a sashing?

I was really thinking I would try my hand at making a "Modern Quilt" - thinking I would use a white fabric for the sashing and make it a very generous width....  but  ....I am balking at using white, but I know it would be a good exercise for me, but ew - I do not like white in quilts unless I am using paint and print.

I also had a thought to do some block printing on these randomly pieced commercial fabrics. 

Maybe I will think about this a bit before I go further.  But I do so enjoy making the occasional scrap quilt...


Anonymous said...

Here's what I would do with those marvelous 12x12 blocks. Sew the all together, put a dark blue 1 1/2 inch border on and then finish it off with a medium blue border. (Most baby quilts are 48x48.) This is going to be my next baby quilt with the scraps I have on hand. Thanks!
~Jan from Spokane

Crystal said...

36x48 is exactly the size our guild uses to make baby quilts for several organizations. We do make some a bit larger for older kids. I think you just need to sew that sucker together, quilt it by machine & call it done. Gives me lots of ideas for all my strips that are left-overs!