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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Banff National Park - Overflow Camping

We got up very early the next morning so we could see the light coming into the valley.  Best time of day for shadows on the mountains and wildlife viewing.  We traveled in our 2005 Suburban - which was temporarily converted into a mini-RV.  All the rear seats were removed.  An air mattress was inflated in the back and behind the seats we placed our cooler and a box of food and sundries.  Our tandem kayak rode atop the Suburban.  We kept our duffle bags of clothing on the bed while we drove and when we stopped for the night the bags were moved into the front seats.  We slept in sleeping bags.  We brought a small tent, but we never used it.
Banff Overflow camping.  Just a big parking lot where they let you park and pitch your tent.  There was a pit toilet there and it cost $10.  We slept in the car and it was quite hot and stuffy.  Too many mosquitoes to crack a window. 

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