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Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hyder Harbor, Alaska

Hyder, AK is just across the border from Stewart, BC.   The two towns are at the end of a long narrow saltwater fjord (called Portland Canal) that is 90 miles long!  It is possible to drive directly out onto the harbor.  There was virtually nobody around when we arrived.  It was gloomy and overcast during our time there, but we did spend some time exploring the area.

Above Hyder, there is a remarkable bear observatory - we followed road signs that led us to a wooden stand built high above the stream (Fish Creek) below.  Observers are safe from the bears who are feeding on the spawning salmon, and there is a ranger on duty there every day.  This particular southerly location has a late salmon spawn and we were told the viewing would be better in September or even October (than late June, when we were there).  I think this would be a worthwhile trip to make in September.  By then, the fall foliage would be colorful - and there are hundreds of miles of driving through deciduous forest with a lot of deciduous undergrowth.  This might be something we will do another time.

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Cäcilia said...

Love your Posts on your trip to Canada and Alaska! My husband and I are thinking about travelling the Region next summer! Thanks!