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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Little White Lines Series

Thanks so much to all who left nice comments about my studio. I admit it is a fabulous workspace and it allows me to do serious work.

I am working on a new series, which I am currently calling "Little White Lines" for lack of a better name. The series involves drawing lines with Elmers Glue gel prior to painting with MX dye or Setacolor paints. After washing out the glue, and lightly quilting along the white lines, I am doing a great deal of handwork. I am really liking the process as well as the effect of stitching rows and rows of little parallel lines in strategic locations and embellishing with buttons.

I've realized how very much this series reflects my enjoyment of my life right now. After several years of being thrown off course with family issues - it is such a joy to be able to find time to focus on my own self expression.

I've done some larger - more interesting pieces in this series but am not showing them on the blog right now because I hope to enter them in a couple of shows and there are now such restrictions on previously shown works. I just want to play it safe in case I can get something accepted into a show somewhere.

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Judy Sall said...

I love these pieces! I'm curious whether you prefer using elmers glue gel to soy wax batik? Also, do you use thickened or unthickened dyes, or are you using fabric paints? I'm just getting back to batik and trying unthickened dyes, and really like how they are coming out so far...