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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Send in the Clowns

Ever since the circus, Airus has been obsessed with clowns. And not necessarily in a good way. He is scared of them. He is also compelled to study them at every opportunity. One of his favorite activities is to sit on your lap at the computer while you do a Google Image search for clowns. At the same time, if there is someone dressed as a clown at the Farmers Market - he starts protesting if you get closer than 1/2 a block!

Elizabeth and I decided he needed a clown suit and I just happened to have a kids clown suit pattern in my pattern drawer! Airus was very enthusiastic about this idea and he really enjoyed looking through my fabric drawers to find fabric for his outfit. He really fixated on a particular multi-colored stripe fabric. Alas, there was not enough available, so we went to the fabric store to pick out fabric for his clown suit. What fun that was! (be still my heart, my 2 year old grandson LOVES the fabric store!)

I had enough fabric left over to make this little jacket, as well. I didn't realize what a grown up stance he took for this picture! (hands behind his back!) This kid really is something else!

I bought a new pair of Merrells last weekend. When I wore them over to Airus' house on Thursday - his first words to me were, "Nana, you got some new shoes!"
I confirmed this, and he replied, "Are those your clown shoes, Nana?"

Hmmm. . . . . . maybe so . . . . .

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Carol said...

He is just the cutest little clown ever!!! Now I want a clown outfit for Bret. And he looks like a little wizard in his jacket.