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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Beartooth Mountains - Jasper Lake Morning

I didn't sleep well at Jasper. I had a hard time getting comfortable, so was up early - before the sun reached our camp. As I crawled out of the tent, I noticed the low alpine plants had a light coat of frost.
We waited anxiously for the sun to reach camp - one of the first places to light up - Sky Pilot Mountain.
It was too cold to just sit around, and we could see fish rising to the surface of the lake, so I went down to cast my line while waiting for the sun. Joe took this picture of me from camp, where he was enjoying his coffee. Then, he came down to join me, where he took this picture of me.
Lonesome Mountain was one of the first areas to light up - we enjoyed watching it glow with the dawn.

Back at camp, the reflection on Golden Lake makes is practically disappear (note the mirror image of the patch of snow - that's the lake)

After breakfast, we walked across the lake again, where the reflection of Lonesome Mountain on Jasper Lake was picture perfect!

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