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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Beartooths - Mountain Goat at Jasper Lake

More Mountain Goat pictures. Can you believe this one of her leaping across the rocks? Only one foot touching! I am so pleased with this picture!

She got pretty close to our tent.

I would say she came within 20 feet of me as I sat on a rock snapping pictures.

She hasn't yet lost her winter coat!


Approachable Art said...

He was very photogenic, wasn't he? LOL Great shots! It looks like a fantastic vacation.

YukonRose said...

These pictures are terrific! How exciting to see animals this close! You have inspired me to go camping/hiking here in the Yukon..

I have enjoyed seeing all of your pictures of your trip. What a great holiday-no traffic, no obligatory family visits, no 'have to do' list.


Sue Reno said...

Those are fabulous pictures. I especially love the action shot, and the ones that show off the texure of the goat's coat.

Sylvia Weir said...

Did you manage to harvest some of that wonderful coat? The part that's peeling off?

It would be fun to use it as a stamp or if enough to spin into a bit of fiber to add an edging to the final piece/s.

Thanks for taking us on this hike with you--it's been great fun.