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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Solar Dyeing - Drying Fabrics

One last look before I start dumping these jars!

And here are some of the fabrics - wet from the jars - a nice neutral palette - yes?

In order to keep track of my process, I have put Tyvek labels on each bundle as it came out of the container. I am going to allow these to air dry naturally before I wash them out. The Tyvek with Sharpie writing should be able to withstand the washing machine - or so I have heard. I hope the air drying phase will help the color bond better with the fabric (it's what I do when dyeing with rust - so I hope it works with plant material, too!)

Some people use a post mordant, and I am toying with that idea, but not sure what to use . . . Probably won't actually do it this time around.

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