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Monday, September 6, 2010

Solar Dyeing - Summer's End

Solar Dyeing 2010

Here is my assortment of dye containers that have been sitting out all summer. The weather is cooling now , and I planned to take the fabrics out in early September.

I am pleased with what appears to be some color development in nearly every container.
I ran out of jars with lids so I started using these plastic tubs that I keep around for my synthetic MX dye process.

I have carefully documented the contents of each container.
Wild Bergamot Leaves - these created a pale color.

All of the various sunflower concoctions made good color - whether the buds, the leaves or the stems.

Some of the contents are starting to get moldy. And a little smelly. Kinda nasty. I am going to wear my gloves when I work with these!

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