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Sunday, April 8, 2012

Foot Square #14 Continued - Binding

After much deliberation, I decide to quilt the entire piece of white printed fabric. When I finish, I realize I want to cut it into four pieces, and they will be 10" squares, rather than the 12" squares of my original goal. Well, that's all the fabric there is. . . so this is a set, and my plan is to mount them on 12" square stretched canvases. Each one will have a dragonfly fused on it somehow.

The next step is the binding. I don't have any more of the hand painted commercial printed fabric I used for the background. I decide to try using this wild commercial print that has most of the same colors. It seems like a long shot, but it is the best option I can find in my stash.

Once printed with the white opaque fabric paint, it blends remarkably well!

I cut the strips 1 1/4" wide and place them carefully so the prints and colors match up to some degree.

Here is the group of four completed. I like the way the dragonflies are kind of subtle. I think these are going to look great mounted on 12" square black painted stretched canvas and hung as a group.

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C├Ącilia said...

Dear Cynthia, once aigain I am impressed of your way of working! How you change the look of a fabric complitly by printing. Your blog is so inspiring!