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Friday, April 6, 2012

Foot Square # 14

One approach to my personal challenge to create 100 12" square art quilts is to go through my drawers looking for unfinished projects or failed experiments. This one is particularly interesting.
I had this commercial print I really didn't care for, and I tried out a new product - Dharma pigment dyes (actually a paint) on it. This is something I painted probably 8 years ago. it was pretty unattractive, and I stashed it in a drawer.

Here are several images of the fabric, it looks a bit more interesting to me now for some reason.
I like the way the commercial print shows through. Below is the entire piece of fabric.

My plan is to improve this with block printing and I think I will use white paint.

Stay tuned. I will show you how it looks with the printing tomorrow.

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Marybeth said...

Hi Cynthia.. How would this piece look if you cut it in stips and sewn them back (just the top to bottom) staggered - like bargello. My eyes kind of read that as I scrolled thru the pics.