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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Balcony House Exit

 Getting out of Balcony House was almost as challenging as getting in.  First was this 12 foot tunnel.
The entry (above) and exit (below) - very small and narrow. Strictly hands and knees.
 Then, climbing up through this narrow passageway.  To two more tall ladders

 And these narrow steep stairs carved into the rock wall.


Rachel Parris said...

Thanks for taking me on this tour. I am pretty sure I would never do it on my own. Were there, ahem, size restrictions on tourists? I mean, that is a narrow tunnel and the ladders are steep. Visited Mesa Verde about 40 years ago, but time and circumstance did not allow for more than seeing the sights and museum at the top. Have always wanted to go back.

Dahn Casselman said...

As usual, loving the pictures--but look at how steep those stairs are! And look at how narrow the doorway is! Good thing you are fit or you could have gotten stuck in that tunnel. I love this place and definitely have to see it in person.

PS-- I can totally see how visiting these type of places inspire your art. :-)