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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Red Spiral Breakdown Prints




This is the full piece of cotton broadcloth.  I actually printed this one before I did the silk that I showed you yesterday.  I had made the spirals with Elmers Glue gel and added some drips of thickened black dye.  I pulled red and yellow thickened dye to make the prints.  After I finished printing this one - I continued on - but switched to pulling blue and clear (for the silk I showed yesterday).

The glue gel did not break down easily.  I actually got sort of tired of the spirals and started peeling them off as they got slightly loose, which made my last piece (which I will show you tomorrow) one of the most interesting that I did (in my opinion) in this screen printing session.


tiedyejudy said...

I love the effect! Question: did you draw the swirls on the back side of the screen to avoid lumps on the front?. I can see how this could almost become a semi permanent screen with the glue, until you wash it off...

Cynthia St Charles said...

Yes, In deconstructed screenprinting, I put all my resists (whether thickened dye that is allowed to dry, or actual resist as in the case of the glue gel) on the back of the screen so the front remains smooth for a good smooth pull. Even when you are screening it on from the front over a textured item, the dye is building up on the back of the screen.