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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Mulit-Layered Breakdown Prints on Fabric

 This large piece of cotton - probably 36" x 60" , has been printed and overprinted with the same screen.  I found I really liked my results when I just kept on printing to fill in any white spaces or areas I thought needed more detail.
 The piece is a lot more complex and interesting.


tiedyejudy said...

Very pretty! It does add a lot to have the layers!

Sandy said...

Thank you for showing the processes and the layering. I am interested in the concept of breakdown printing, but alot of the examples I have seen recently just show the side by side screen prints.

I haven't been brave enough to ask - so now what do you do with it. Because it is so very block by block by block. I would feel like the white defining line should be covered over somehow in order to use the whole piece.

So, I am glad you have shown what it looks like when you do go back in and layer. I like it very much. The whole piece then looks like a whole piece which can be used as yardage.
Sandy in the UK

Dahn Casselman said...

These are some of my favorite colours. I love these pieces..