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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Lakes below Hellroaring Plateau

 Our plan was to hike to the base of Mount Rearguard.  From this point, we would have a closer view of The Bear's Tooth.  There are many lakes in the basins below the plateau in all directions.  Above is Sliderock Lake with a veiw beyond the lake toward the east.  Below is a view of Moon Lake with The Bear's Tooth off in the distance.  The wind was howling fiercely here, and we both lost our hats at one point (we were able to grab them before they blew over the ledge, though).

This lake is called Shelf Lake.  Joe has hiked to this lake from below.  I have not been there, though.  I think the fishing is only mediocre.  I like this view of the lake and the valley, though - well worth the hike we did across Hellroaring Plateau.

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