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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Purple Collage Gold Printing

 Here is the purple collage I showed you yesterday.  I intend to try to create a feeling of the light coming through the branches in the forest at dusk.  The sun is low and the light it creates is different than the overhead light.  It creates a silhouette of the leaves and this is what I hope to convey with this very large piece (about 55" square).  (This is an idea that came to me at dusk one day - I was taken by the look of the light filtering through the pine boughs at our home.)
 Here are a couple of pictures of the gold printing as I start adding the leaf prints.  I used metallic gold paint for the light and used purple and turquoise paint for the leaves.
I love the way the colors of the background fabrics show through.  These close-ups also show how I did the free motion zig zag stitching to firmly attach the collage before adding the printing.

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