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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rangely Rock Art

 There is Rock Art scattered around the Rangely, Colorado area in at least a dozen locations.  Last spring, we drove through the area and spent a day driving around on dirt roads trying to find them.  We did pretty well!

 This one - called the Guardian is large.  It is located along the highway.  We parked across the highway and walked across to get a closer look.  It includes a very large Kokopeli (flute player).  Shown closer, below.  A cable has been anchored across the front of it because it is about to erode away - or rather it is about to fall off in a big chunk.  These sandstone bluffs erode easily - of course that's why they made such a good surface for the Rock Art.  These examples are pictographs because they are made with pigment rather than carving, and so they fade over time.

I just love rock art!  I will be sharing some of our discoveries over the next several Travel Log Tuesdays!

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