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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Adding Details to the Sunset

Here is a detail of this current project - a work in progress.  At this stage, I have collaged the fossil printed fabric to the bottom (which I think is overpowering at this point - however, I have another layer of printing to add).  The sky has been screenprinted and then block printed over the top with Setacolor Gold Metallic.  Then - I added the windmill screenprints.

This piece is supposed to be about the controversy between different sources of energy.  Wind energy vs fossil fuels, in a nutshell.  I feel the proportions are off as far as the relationship between the fossils in the foreground and the windmills.  However - this is just a practice piece for a much larger one.  In that one - the fossils might be the correct size, actually.  If not, I can make them smaller.  . . . .


tiedyejudy said...

Interesting concept, and I love the silhouettes of the windmills. Hopefully, the larger piece will accommodate the fossil fabric, because it is beautiful and deserves to be shown off. You get such great ideas!

bj parady said...

I've been thinking about the graphic quality of windmill farms, without committing anything to cloth. But I think you've captured it. Those windmills you printed are imposing and dynamic. Good job!