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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Polymer Clay Fossils?

 My original idea for this piece included the addition of polymer clay fossils as embellishment.  I wish I could audition these on the design wall, but I just have to settle for looking at it on my worktable.

As I contemplate the proportion (will I trim away some from the bottom of this piece?) I must also contemplate the addition of the 3D polymer clay fossils.  I am surprised by how much I like the color variations in the fossils - they kind of complement the colors in the sky.  Not sure they really add anything, though.  For what it's worth - my 7 year old grandson, Airus likes the polymer clay fossils.  Opinions welcome.


Roberta said...

Well, since you asked. I am thinking it is overkill. The fossils that are sort of hidden underground make a much more powerful statement.

I hope you don't mind my opinion. I love your work. And this piece makes such a powerful environmental statement. I hate to see it too gussied up.

Anonymous said...

You asked for opinions...
I don't like the addition of polmer clay fossils at all.

Love your work. I find it very inspiring to read your blog every morning.


Karanmk said...

I agree with Roberta... It is a beautiful piece without the embellishments. It has been very powerful piece of work throughout the whole process and the embellishments seem to detract from the message. Thanks for asking and I enjoy reading your blog and watching you work.

Anonymous said...

Love your work. Love this piece . . . just not the in-your-face fossils. It seems much more interesting that one must study it a little to realize the printed fossils are there.


Sandy said...

I have been away, but wanted to see how you had developed the piece.

I agree with the rest. perhaps if the fossils were natural colours, but it does seem to take away from the powerful statement of the work.

Perhaps if you still want to use them, you could use less of them and cover with black tulle to knock them back into the dark of the underground.
as it is in the photo, they overtake the rest of the work almost to the point that one sees them and passes on.
I hope you come to a point that You are happy with, because it is Your work.
Sandy in the UK