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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Full View of Fossil Fuels vs Wind Energy

Here is the piece as it stands right now.  I am working through it and welcome suggestions.  The proportions are definitely off, but this is just a practice piece for a much larger piece.  I find it better when I remove the bottom 4" or so..... I plan to overprint the fossils with block printing, but am not sure what color paint will work best for that.  I think something dark......


Sande said...

It's wonderful and a great concept. I've been watching your progress from the sky printing until now and it's been so interesting. The only thing that I wonder about is whether that hard edge between the ground and sky could be softened somehow, maybe when you do the next layer of overprinting.
Have you done any teaching videos on the screenprinting process you use, or could you suggest a learning resource that is good? It looks interesting but I know nothing about the process. I have your video on printing blocks and enjoyed it a lot.

Roberta said...

I do like the way this is going. I guess I would just ease the transition between the dark areas at the bottom and the lighter are at the top. I think a lighter over print but what do I know?

Sandy said...

I am loving what you are doing with this. I could not see how you were going at all because it was so 'pretty' but with the last post and the wind farm, it was so right!

would a green work? as you say, dark green, but not as dark as say forest green. and with the other colours, probably on the bluey side of green - spruce?

It will be another level of connection with your theme.
Sandy in the UK

Anonymous said...

Actually I like the juxtaposition of the multiple sizes. Put it away and think about if for a bit before you lop off that bottom.
Sylvia in Texas