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Thursday, May 16, 2013

First Iris of the Year!

I have been anxiously awaiting this first iris blossom of the year!  I have most of my iris labeled with the registered names, but this one does not have a tag.  I am pretty sure it came from the Big Sky Iris Club sale at the local Farmer's Market.  

At this point, I have about 250 different iris planted in the terraces out front.  I have tags on most of them (with the registered names) and they are recorded in a spread sheet (something I started last year).  This year, I hope to get a photo of each one that blooms, and I hope to record the date it blooms on the spreadsheet.  I will keep track of the ones that die and I will not plant those again.  Instead, I hope to have large patches of healthy iris.  I am keeping the good growers and good bloomers and the rest can go.  I am not really out to amass a "collection".  Rather, I am hoping to do some artful landscaping.... I want color blocks around the yard!

Iris work well in this location with minimal care and little water.  I also love them - so I joined the local Iris club as well as the American Iris Society! 

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