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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Landscaping the Front

 Our steeply sloped front yard was formerly a fire hazard, with several large junipers and a lot of dry native grasses.  After two wildfires swept through our neighborhood, destroying homes within 1/4 mile of our place, we had the fire marshall come walk through and give us suggestions.  That spring, 16 junipers were removed along with a lot of pines.  He told us the dry native grasses should go too. 

( we have also finally disposed of the wooden retaining wall in the back that he told us was a fire hazard)

I have found that iris grow well at our place and they don't require much water (always a concern since we have to haul our water from the water station - we don't have city water or a well).  Iris are a good plant for fire safety - they really do not ever burn well.   I have gradually been adding a stone patio and terraces to the front to create more living space and a place for my growing iris collection.  Above, I  have dug this new flower bed terrace this spring to create a place for replanting all the perennials that had to be removed during our reconstruction of the terraces in the back. 
This flagstone patio was installed last summer.  I have found this cast iron water fountain and I have rigged it up with a solar powered pump.  I need to do something about the line that is dangling, but I am very happy with the way this thing works!  Solar power is totally the way to go on this!

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tiedyejudy said...

I really love what you have been doing, and you are so smart to find solutions that are less of a fire danger! Your fountain is beautiful... would love to find a heavy one that would resist our strong winds here! And the solar pump is great.