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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Waterfall Construction - Getting Closer

Here is the waterfall after adding some more rocks around it.  I have tried the waterfall to make sure everything is graded properly.  When I get everything in place, I will use waterfall foam to fill in all the cracks and seal it up so the water flows down to the pond and does not back up behind the rocks or anything.  I watched a lot of YouTube videos about waterfall construction.  This is the second waterfall I have constructed, but I really want to get this one right.  I don't expect to do it again!  Michelle tells me it looks just like a big pile of rocks.....but I think it will be improved by the addition of some plants, etc.   I am actually quite pleased with the effect so far.


Marybeth said...

Keep on going with are right, with plants it will start to look very "one with nature".

Bee said...

It has been interesting to watch your progress. I think this will be beautiful with the addition of a few plants.