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Monday, May 20, 2013

Preparing for the Pond and Waterfall

 We left this area without the landscape brick because I plan on adding a pond and waterfall here.  This area previously had a stairway and a very tiny pond and waterfall.  This time, I plan to expand the size, depth and location of the pond.  The racoons were getting my fish before, so I quit keeping them.  This time, I will create a safe place for the fish to hide so maybe they won't be eaten by the racoons.
 The picture above shows the area before excavating and below - the pond excavating in progress.

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Lisa Quintana said...

After being cleaned out of my gorgeous fish, a friend told me that if you have straight sides and a depth of 24" at the edge, they won't go in as it is too deep for them to fish. Hope this helps, although it is probably too late. I used a strawberry jar submerged...but it didn't help.