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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Craw Fishing

 These pictures were taken at Lily Lake in the Beartooth Mountains.  It is a lake you can drive your car to, so it gets a lot of visitors.  I have no idea how the lake got full of crawfish, but there are a LOT of them!  Along any area of the shoreline you can see them crawling around.  We ran into a family that was catching these things and we struck up a conversation with them.  Their method involves wrapping bacon around a stick and placing it into the water to attract the crawfish.  It does not take very long for them to crawl over and grab onto the bacon.  Then, it is easy enough to lift them out of the water and drop them into a bucket or something.
 They were kind enough to allow me an opportunity to try it and yes, even I was able to catch a few of these creatures.  Apparently this family was planning to take them home live and boil or steam them for dinner!  
The few I caught went back in the water after we got good pictures of them.

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