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Monday, August 12, 2013

Flathead Lake

 This big lake in northern Montana is always an inspiration.   We drove to this part of the state recently, taking my mother to visit the cemetery where her parent are buried and to visit one of her dearest friends from school.  We stopped along the way and she bought some fabric for a couple of quilts.  It was really rainy for early August, but it cleared up in time for the drive home (with a stop at Flathead Lake for some cherry picking!)
The rain clouds were just moving off as we arrived at the cherry orchard.  So nice to have the sun coming out!


The Idaho Beauty said...

I haven't been to Flathead lake since I was in high school. My dad loved to fish in Montana and sometimes we'd just keep going east to explore. We were captivated by this large lake and the Mission range behind it.

As for Flathead cherries - we'd patiently wait each summer until they hit the local store, because they were always so much better than cherries coming from elsewhere. I Definitely need some Flathead cherries in my life!

Cynthia St Charles said...

Wish I could send some to you. We have more than we can eat and they are starting to lose quality.

The Idaho Beauty said...

Will savor the good intentions!