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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Rock Creek Play Time

 As I mentioned yesterday, we took our two grandsons; Airus, age 7 and Breckin, age 4 to the mountains last week for an overnight camping trip.  This was Breckin's first camping experience.  Breckin and Airus are step-cousins and three years apart, but they really enjoy being together.
 It was a lot of fun watching them enjoy themselves in the cold clear water of Rock Creek.

I was glad I remembered to bring shovels and buckets for their entertainment.  Airus caught a small trout fry in his bucket!

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Marybeth said...

There isn't much more fun than to watch kids, water and rocks. These pics made me smile! Your pics of Lulu and Daisy Pass have given us an idea for a nice day trip after passing thru Cooke City yesterday and saying "I wonder what is up that road" when seeing the Lulu sign...hmmmm, I need to get the picnic basket out again!!